About Noelle Interiors

Noelle Interiors is a full-service interior design firm and furniture showroom based in Manhattan Beach, CA. Since 2008, our team has serviced clients throughout the South Bay and beyond, applying our diverse set of skills and perspectives to each project.

Specializing in modern, functional design, we work closely with local architects and clients through all phases of a new construction or remodel project. Our goal is to create personalized experiences, helping clients express themselves through their unique spaces.

We’ve partnered with highly-skilled craftsmen to offer a roster of resources to refresh your home, including custom furniture, fixtures, accessories, window treatments and more.

At Noelle Interiors, we are committed to creating beautiful designs that define and develop your personal style.

Principal Designer

Noelle Isbell

Noelle Isbell began making a name for herself as an interior designer nearly two decades ago while working alongside a prominent South Bay architect. With a unique ability to reflect her clients’ distinctive style, she quickly became a rising star in her field. As her reputation for creating beautiful spaces grew, so did the scale of her projects. But in 2008, her world was turned upside down when the housing market crashed.

Never one to give up, Noelle saw the economic downturn as an opportunity for continued growth. As others in her industry played it safe and scaled back, she opted to venture off on her own with just one goal in mind: to create a world-class design firm and furniture showroom.

Having served as an apprentice to an architect, Noelle had a discernible edge. Not only was she at home on a construction site, she was proficient in CAD software and understood how to manage projects from start to finish. Her sharpened skillset earned the trust of local builders, and it wasn’t long before they began referring her to their customers. And just like that, Noelle Interiors was born.

Today, Noelle is among Southern California’s most prominent interior designers and furniture creators. She specializes in custom residential homes, providing innumerable services and products to clients while leading an all-star team at her seaside storefront and design studio in Manhattan Beach.

Interior Designer

Ievgeniia Iakhymets

Where did you grow up?  I was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Why did you choose interior design? The very first moment I discovered 3d modeling it sparked my desire to learn software and create virtual spaces where people can envision their future homes before they are built. Exploring people’s unique aesthetic preferences is a constant source of inspiration for me in design.
What you do outside of office / hobbies? Outside of work, I enjoy engaging in outdoor activities and traveling with my family and friends. As a mother, I also find joy in exploring various painting techniques and engaging in art projects with my children.

Laura Quinn | Interior Architecture
Interior Designer

Laura Quinn

With a multidisciplinary background, Laura’s career began in IT before returning to Politehnica University of Timișoara, Romania to pursue interior architecture. With her expertise in both commercial and residential design, Laura finds that the story begins with the human experience and that interior design has the power to change human interactions. Laura’s work demonstrates beauty in a wide variety of styles by using the ‘less is more’ approach.

Interior Designer

Mariia Kovalenko


Design Assistant

Miranda Snell

Where did you grow up?  I was born and raised in the South Bay.
Why did you choose interior design? I discovered that interior design is a unique career path which allows me to simultaneously have a creative outlet and use it to establish positive impacts in other people’s lives.
What you do outside of office / hobbies? I love reading, going to flea markets & thrift shops, and spending as much time with friends & family as I can.

Showroom Manager

Karla Oliveira

Where did you grow up? Brazil.
Why did you choose interior design? I fell into design naturally because I have been drawn to art and fashion all of my life and have always had an eye for it. In my 20s I started travelling internationally a lot and the history and culture of all these beautiful places inspired me to incorporate these influences into my creative endeavours. I then chose to use my skills and follow my passion to study and work in design.
What you do outside of office / hobbies? I have deep passion for animal rights and I am active in my community raising awareness and volunteering at animal sanctuaries. I also enjoy spending time with my pets and photography.