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About Noelle Interiors

Specializing in custom residential homes, Noelle Interiors delivers an unrestrained range of style – be it Modern, Cape Cod or California Ranch. Established in 2005, Noelle Interiors has accomplished unprecedented design on each project, consistently interweaving the philosophy of “beauty meets function.”

Principal Designer

Noelle Parks

Noelle Parks is among Manhattan Beach’s most prominent interior designers, specializing in custom residential homes and providing unique services and products for each client.

In 2005, Parks established Noelle Interiors, one of the most successful and versatile full-service design firms in the South Bay. Delivering a limitless range of style, Noelle Interiors has accomplished unparalleled levels of design, seamlessly blending beauty and function.

This glamorous, natural balance can be enjoyed daily in the Noelle Interiors Design House, a seaside storefront and design studio in Manhattan Beach, CA. The shop serves as a headquarters for full-home design, as well as a trove of trinkets to take home as maritime memories.

Interior Designer

Elizabeth Crissfield

Elizabeth Crissfield has been working as a designer since graduating Loyola Marymount in 2014. With her degree in Studio Art, Elizabeth brings a discerning eye to every project she approaches. Her unique blend of functionality and aesthetic beauty and her ability to intuit clients’ visions and make them a reality have made her a sought-after fixture of Noelle Interiors.

Having travelled the world extensively since childhood, Elizabeth is well-versed in a myriad of styles, and this knowledge is reflected in her approach to design.