How can I make my dining room feel cozy?

Decorate with natural materials

Decorating with natural materials such as warm, honeyed timber, soft, aged leather and relaxed linen is a wonderful way to bring warmth and texture to a dining space.

Keep this in mind when choosing dining room furniture, and when it comes to choosing that all-important dining table, ‘stay away from stone and glass tops if you want a warm, cozy vibe. Go with a matte wood finish over polished, and consider a unique pattern like chevron or herringbone,’ suggests Noelle Isbell, founder of Noelle Interiors.

“We like to use natural materials, textures, and colors to bring depth and warmth to dining rooms,’ adds Susan Sutter. ‘For texture, we often specify custom tables made from natural woods like walnut and reclaimed barn wood, use thick natural wool in dining room rugs and linen drapery to help tamper noise and to make the room feel warm and welcoming.”