The Horseshoe Bay Collection

Inspired by one of Queensland’s most popular beaches, The Horseshoe Bay Collection earns its namesake with soft curves and rounded edge details.

This stylish collection instantly transforms any space into an oasis with cheerful designs featuring arched frames and elegant connections.

The Collection Includes:

The Cheeky Kiss

Looking for a customizable cocktail table? No worries, mate! Refined curves and playfulness collide with this cheeky, modular design that’s handcrafted to be arranged any way your heart desires.

Little Cove Sofa

Like the cool clear waters of the Coral Sea, this two-piece sofa’s cheerful design is relaxed and inviting. Featuring a plush, faux down back and deep seat cushions, it can be customized to any length or modified into an L-shaped sectional. As a “beachy bonus,” the bleached ash arms double as a side table for your cuppa or cocktail!

Horseshoe Bay at Bowen, QLD, Australia