Square Peg, Round Room: Designing an Irregular-Shaped Living Space

Think Outside of the Box, Literally

“In the world of design, the expression, ‘you can’t fit a round peg in a square hole’ is spot-on. Let the space direct the furnishings, not vice versa.

“The furnishings should be a reflection of the architecture. For example, a circular room calls for annular furnishings. Rounded and angular shapes can be manipulated to create a balanced configuration so there’s no need to align with the room’s corners. Stay away from squares and rectangles; play with crescent or geometrical shapes instead.

“Lighter materials and reflective surfaces create a brighter space. Consider furniture with feet rather than pieces that sit directly on the floor, cabinet doors with an ‘open-weave’ style rather than those with a solid face and two-tiered height tables that can offer fun and flexible solutions.

“Reflecting the surrounding walls, in terms of shape and scale, is the best way to guarantee good flow. Harmony and balance comes naturally when all elements of a design are executed properly.”

-Noelle Isbell, principal designer at Noelle Interiors in California