Top 3 Halloween Decor Tips to Create a Spooktacular Space

As the temperatures drop outdoors (and we begin to spend more time indoors), there’s no better way to celebrate fall than by sprucing up our homes with Halloween decor. And while the decorations should reflect the spooky season, we also want them to be subtle enough to blend into our existing interior themes.

At Noelle Interiors, we’re excited to unveil our top three Halloween decorating suggestions in this post, helping you craft a space that exudes an eerie charm while maintaining its inherent elegance.

1) Keep the Lighting Eerie

At Noelle Interiors, we’re all about lighting — especially when it comes to Halloween decor. This is because the right lighting helps create an eerie ambiance. Use string lights around doorways and staircases, and place LED candles in windows and on the mantel. This helps create a bewitching effect. You can also use silhouette cutouts in front of light sources to cast shadows on your walls. If you’re looking for a more dramatic effect, replace your regular bulbs with orange (or purple) ones in certain areas of the home, such as the hallway.

The key is keeping the light levels low and mysterious; using a dimmer can also help turn down the light intensity to create a spooky ambiance. And, of course, you can turn them back up to tune in with the rest of the decor as and when needed.

2) Consider Natural Textures

Adding plenty of textures helps make your Halloween decor visually interesting — bonus points if you keep it natural. Do this while sticking to the Halloween theme. For example, incorporate plenty of pumpkins, all of different sizes. This may sound outdated, but what’s Halloween without pumpkins? Tip— If you’d like to lean towards an autumnal interior, squash decorations are a great idea.

Collect dried leaves from the outdoors and fill a glass bowl with them. Conkers, pinecones, homemade wreaths — there are plenty of ways to add natural textures to your Halloween decor.

3) Stick to a Color Palette

Sticking to an autumn-inspired color palette helps add the vibe of Halloween to your home. This means warm, earthy tones. For example, deep red, burnt orange, rust, and taupe. You can also go completely Halloween-themed and stick to orange and black decor (here’s how interior designers decorate with black).

Either way, use your bright colors through Halloween decor pieces (such as the pumpkins and table centerpieces), and allow the rest of the space to remain muted or neutral. This makes it easy to switch up decor as the seasons change.

Final Words

Halloween may be considered one of the less serious holidays of the year — but there’s no denying that it provides the perfect excuse to switch up your home with something fall-inspired

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