Top 4 Interior Design Trends Going Away in 2024

While many interior design trends remain popular year after year, some can be seen walking out the door.

Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your home in 2024 or give it a quick spruce-up—it pays off to learn about the various trends of the year. And these don’t only include the ones that are becoming popular; you also want to learn about the trends designers are saying goodbye to. Keep reading for the top 4 interior design trends going away in 2024—and steer away from these as you give your home a makeover!

1) All-White and Gray Interiors

People have loved the neutral aesthetic for decades, but we slowly watch it making its way out of the door. According to designers, these “boring” colors lack personality when used all over the interior. At Noelle Interiors, we’re all about playing with colors and going bold in 2024 — no more playing it safe! While white and gray do offer a minimalist charm, they’re welcomed in interior design as a part of the palette — just not the entire palette. Instead, opt for colors that can add value to your home.

2) Too Much Minimalism

Hand in hand with these neutral colors, too much minimalism is going away in 2024. This trend featuring an extremely understated and uncluttered home — can make the space feel ‘clinical’. We asked our team at Noelle Interiors to provide feedback on a few ‘modern minimalist’ homes, and they said they found them cold and unwelcoming. So, we’re with the designers bidding farewell to minimalism. 2024 is the year to add plenty of textures and accessories to your home and allow your personality to shine!

3) Benches at the Dining Table

Benches have often been used at the dining table as they make for a convenient piece for seating three people at once. People also find them an attractive addition instead of traditional chairs. But because getting up and moving is difficult when three people are sitting on a bench right next to the dining table, this makes it an impractical item. Instead, opt for fun, mismatched chairs that can add visual interest to your table setting while providing convenient, individual seats.

4) Partially Slatted Walls

Nature-inspired interiors—especially slat walls—are incredibly famous in interior design. However, many people have resorted to partially slatted walls to achieve the aesthetic, and according to designers, that’s a problem. These appear ‘incomplete’ and, quite frankly, as if the homeowner left the project midway.

Final Words

As you decorate your home for the upcoming year, try to stay away from the trends going away in 2024. If you admire them and would still like to incorporate them—consult a Manhattan Beach Interior Designer and let them guide you on how to subtly add these flavors to your home.

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