Top 4 Ways to Decorate With Throw Pillows for a Stunning Sofa Setting

Adding throw pillows may be an afterthought in decor — but underestimating their potential is a huge design mistake. At Noelle Interiors, we call throw pillows the red lipstick to your living room makeover. They add immense visual appeal to the space while diversifying textures. So, throw pillows not only make your space look stunning but also make it feel cozy.

If you’re ready to make the most of their potential, keep reading for our top 4 ways to decorate with throw pillows — ideal for seasoned designers and rookies alike!

1) Pick a Color Palette For the Throw Pillow Setting

Choosing a color scheme is the first step to putting together a coherent pillow setting. At Noelle Interiors, we suggest choosing one anchor color (usually a head-turning hue) and building the remaining colors around it.

TIP — You can extract these colors from other decor elements in your room.

For example, for a nautical interior, you may pick the blue from the ocean painting on the wall to act as the anchor color and incorporate it through a solid blue pillow. Continue to extract other hues of blue found in the rug and pull some green from those plants. White, of course, is a staple in nautical interiors, so it will easily make its way to the setting.

If you already have a lot going on in the room (with colorful rugs and statement decor), you can use a neutral throw pillow setting to balance the ambiance.

2) Mix and Match Patterns

Throw pillows provide an easy way to add plenty of patterns to your space and make it visually exciting. If your space lacks that wow factor, consider mixing together your favorite patterns. While these can be any of the patterns used in interior design, famous examples are:

  • Stripes
  • Geometric patterns
  • Abstract prints
  • Floral patterns
  • Animal prints

3) Go Big on Textures

The secret to making any cold space inviting? Lots of textures (in fact, textures are one of the best ways to make your dining room feel cozy). Leverage your throw pillows by using them to make your room warm and inviting. The trick is to blend together plenty of textures.

Consider choosing from the variety of textures available in pillow covers. For example, faux fur, knit, embroidered cotton, and leather. Opting for pillows with fringe and tassel accents is also a great idea.

TIP — You can extract these colors from other decor elements in your room.

4) Use Them to Complement Your Theme

Thinking about your interior design theme while decorating helps make sure the end result is coherent.

Consider the Number of Cushions

If your room features a modern design, an odd number of cushions will contribute to a contemporary and balanced look. On the other hand, an even number of cushions are suited to a more traditional vibe.

Pay Attention to the Sizes and Shapes

Similarly, varying the sizes and shapes of your pillows can help create a statement interior. For example, larger square pillows towards the back of the setting and smaller square and lumbar pillows towards the front can create an eclectic setting. In contrast, similarly-sized pillows contribute to a more laid-back look — and design theme.

Final Words

Throw pillows serve more purpose than one, so making an effort to put them together will make all the difference.

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