Top 5 Ways Interior Designers Decorate With Black

Using black in interior design can add depth, drama, and sophistication to a space. Here are the top five ways interior designers often use black to decorate:

1) Add Contrast

“Black will always look good when used in the proper proportion,” says Noelle Isbell of Noelle Interiors. She explains that using contrasting colors or three-dimensional texture can balance black decor and add lightness when featuring black tile, fabrics, or rugs. For example, the texture of black wainscoting against penny tiles in this bathroom isn’t quite as heavy as a plain black wall might appear.


2) Accent Walls and Focal Points

Worried that all-black walls will make your space feel dark and cramped? Start with an accent wall. “Using black paint as an accent wall or on millwork keeps things restrained,” says Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors. “If you are layering in lots of color and fabrics, it does make a great backdrop,” Black is a true neutral just like white or gray, so don’t be afraid to mix in some color and texture.

Some of Forshew’s favorite black paint colors include Sherwin-Williams’ Tricorn Black, which she calls a “simple, straightforward” hue, and Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Black 256, which has “a lot of depth and warm tones and is a little more moody.”


3) Use Black Trim

Ground a space with one strong black component—like the painted vanity here—then layer in smaller black accents, such as this bathroom’s shower door, black mirror, and patterned floor tile.

“If the rest of the space has lighter-toned elements, then it’s best that black accents are used as details and trims, such as edging on pillows and black frames on artwork,” Dennis says. “In this sense, it’s an accent and a shadow to the rest of the space, not a dominant feature.”


4) Paint the Ceiling Black

If you’re unsure about black walls, go for the ceiling instead. Painting a ceiling black can feel daunting, but it’s an effective way to pull a room together. It adds an unexpected pop of color and can make the ceilings look higher than they really are, especially in a small space.

Here, a black ceiling complements black accessories, including a glossy apothecary cabinet, mirror, and hardware. The black decor pops against sparkling white walls, tying the pieces together without overwhelming the small space. “To incorporate black in a room, I recommend lacquering an old piece of furniture and trying a gallery wall of art and photos all framed in different black frames,” Forshew suggests.


5) Use an Unconventional Material

A favorite way to add pops of black is to incorporate the rich color into your home’ via stone or tile surfaces. Here, a black marble backsplash paired with jet-black countertops gives the space a moody yet welcoming feel. The cream-colored veining in the stone paired with brushed gold accents keeps the monochromatic pairing from looking too harsh.


More Examples To Inspire!

Noelle Isbell was featured recently in the story above from BETTER HOMES & GARDENS.

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