Top Fall Decorating Trends of 2023

Fall is the season of chilly days, pumpkin pie s’mores, and mesmerizing views of nature. What better way to celebrate the exciting festivities and delicious treats of autumn than to give your home decor a flavor of the beautiful weather?

Designers at Noelle Interiors are dedicated to adorning your home with the right mood and feels, all while keeping the decor trendy and up-to-date — scroll on for a professional insight on the top 4 fall decorating trends of 2023!

1) Moody Earth Tones

While classic fall shades like orange, red, and yellow are constant, more moody tones like terracotta, maroon, pinky peaches, and earthy greens are making a hit. The best (and most cost-effective) way to introduce autumn hues to your interior is to use them on easy-to-change items, such as throw pillow covers, rugs, artwork, and lampshades. Ideas like painting a wall or bringing out a bold-colored furniture piece can serve as stunning focal points in your autumn home decor.

2) Fall Florals

There are infinite tips to decorate a tabletop — and introducing florals to every room is the best autumn-specific tip recommended by the Manhattan Beach Interior Design Company, Noelle Interiors, to adorn your home with an inviting and refreshing feel. Just make sure to use the same or similar stems in each vessel and opt for dried stems, as they have a more muted tone that complements the overall theme. You can also add a few saturated florals in deep greens and reds to make the look extra festive.

3) Unique Textiles

When chosen and presented tastefully, an essential home item like textiles can beautifully contribute to creating fall vibes in your interior. Look for unique textiles, such as printed and patterned items, interesting hues from the autumn color palette, and trendy materials like velvet. Pair this with creative ways to decorate using cushions and attractive ideas to present throws and comforters.

4) Heavyweight Drapes

What’s one of the most effective ways to swap out breezy beach vibes with a more cozy, fall-ready ambiance to suit the cold temperatures of Southern California? Our Manhattan Beach Interior Designers suggest hanging heavier and more plush window treatments in place of the existing light summer draperies. Don’t forget to match (or contrast) them with the overall autumn color scheme in the room to create a well-thought-out look.

Final Words

Double the warmth of fall with the perfect autumn decor trends for 2023. Need help? Search for “interior designer near me” or hire the best interior design firm Manhattan Beach to embrace the season fully.

Looking for interior design services in Manhattan Beach? Get in touch with us today — and be sure to browse through our Noelle Interiors custom furniture range.